Aura Guidelines

Here at Aura, our priority is to make dating a fun, safe, and worthwhile experience. That’s the reason we have guidelines as well as terms & conditions you should check out. It’s simple. If you don’t play fair, then you can’t play at all.

Upload only your own photos

Copyright is not something we take lightly at Aura. Don’t post multimedia unless you own it. That includes selfies, that cool illustration, and things you shouldn’t be sending anyway.


Respect is not just an aretha franklin song; it’s a must in an ever-growing diverse world we live in. We do not tolerate hate speech, abusive behavior, and bullying. Don’t let the internet give you the false courage to act upon what you would be embarrassed to do in real life. Furthermore, we encourage our users to take action against violations of our terms. We want to cultivate a kind and respectful environment for our users, and the community’s stance carries importance.

Send original messages to other users

Copy-paste messages sent in bulk is an online dating myth. It doesn’t work and doesn’t increase your pool of possible dates. If you take the time to look at profiles and engage in conversation accordingly, you’ll create better connections. We strongly advise you to refrain from copy-paste messages.

Catfish in lakes only

Aura includes a photo verification system and we encourage you to benefit from it. Identity theft is not only a crime but also an emotional manipulation that can do immense damage on a dating platform.

More about Aura’s photo guidelines

• No kids on their own. They must be in the photo with an adult, and fully clothed.

• No photos in bikinis/swimwear indoors.

• No pictures in underwear.

• No shirtless/underwear mirror selfies.

• The face must be clearly visible in all photos.

• No watermarks or text overlaid.

• No pornographic material.

• No graphic hunting photos.

• No guns.

Illegal activity

Any illegal activity committed via Aura will not only get you banned but also reported to authorities.

Selling stuff

There are many platforms online to sell products. Aura isn’t one of them. It is not allowed.

Do not share photos of children unless fully clothed and accompanied by an adult

We take this one seriously, so we thought we’d bring it up again. Aura is a dating app for people over 18 years of age. For children and their caregivers’ security, we do not allow children’s photos unless fully clothed and accompanied by an adult in the photo.

Our goal at Aura is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for its users. Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in a warning. Aura reserves the right to ban without warning at its discretion.

If you have any questions or requests please contact us at